The Reality of Abortion in Northern Ireland

June 18, 2021

In April, the UK House of Commons formally approved a new directive requiring Northern Ireland’s Department of Health to take “concrete steps” to ensure full abortion services in the north before summer. The directive, which came after years of pressure from inside and outside the north, is...

The Champion in the Art of Tax Avoidance Can Now be Crowned

June 04, 2021

On June 3, The Guardian revealed that a company valued at over $1 trillion banked its profits without sacrificing a penny in corporate taxes. If it was not for the fact that the firm, whose headquarters are in Dublin, Ireland, generated a net profit “equal to nearly three-quarters of Ireland’s...

The Word on the Street

April 30, 2021

The Risk of a No-Deal Brexit Remains

April 09, 2021

The risk that we will wake up on May 1 to find we have a no-deal Brexit after all has not disappeared. The deadline for the ratification by the European Parliament of the trade deal between the European Union and the United Kingdom was due to be February 28. But Parliament postponed the deadline...

Britain’s Long Shadow Over Ireland

July 18, 2019

The Republic of Ireland has been an enthusiastic member of the European Union since 1973, having both gained and given so much from being part of the EU. In the toxic mayhem of Brexit Britain, one question is perhaps more confounding than most, namely how did the Irish backstop issue emerge as a...

The Dawning Reality of Brexit

June 13, 2018

The fact that the UK has not made up its mind about Brexit and has yet to make a detailed proposal is disquieting, says former Irish Prime Minister John Bruton. At a recent conference, I heard Owen Patterson, a Conservative MP and former secretary of state for Northern Ireland, say that the...

Irish Women Won’t Wait Any Longer on Abortion

May 25, 2018

On May 25, Ireland will vote in a historic referendum to repeal the Eighth Amendment, which criminalizes abortion, from its Constitution. Friday, May 25, marks a historic day for Ireland. It is a day that gives the country’s voters the chance to right a historic wrong, to banish to the history...

The Road to Irish Independence

April 09, 2018

Former Prime Minister John Bruton reflects on Irish history during the civil wars. Ireland will soon commemorate a conflict that took place between 1919 and 1923. It is customary to refer to the conflict between 1919 and 1921 as the War of Independence and that between 1922 and 1923 as the Civil...

Britain Faces a Brave New World After Brexit

November 07, 2017

The UK's Conservative government is weak, the Labour Party is rising and EU members are out for blood. As the clock ticks down on Britain’s exit from the European Union, one could not go far wrong casting British Labour Party leader Jeremy Corbyn as the hopeful Miranda in...

What Ireland Can Teach Europe

October 19, 2017

Ireland is a small player, but it has much to teach its neighbors now suffering extremism, division and debt. The tiny Irish village of Ballingarry, in the heart of County Limerick, with its narrow streets and multiple churches, seems untouched by time and untroubled by the economic and...

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