The Electrification of Everything

January 19, 2021

Tech titan Steve Westly presents his case for clean technology. Can it jump-start the global economy and help prevent climate change?

Carbon Capture: A Bold Solution or Pipe Dream?

June 29, 2018

As of 2016, renewable energy still accounted for only about 18% of the world’s total final energy consumption. Could a new carbon-capture technology really provide a viable approach to reversing the effects of climate change? That’s the ambitious claim of British Columbia-based tech company,...

Estonian Involvement Can Decide Success of Energy Transition

March 02, 2016

Estonia is among Europe’s worst offenders on climate change. In December 2015, people around the world closely followed the 21st Conference of Parties (COP21) in Paris. The heightened interest was easily understood as so much depended on the talks. For some parties, it was a question of...