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The Christians of Iran

Journalist Azadeh Tavakoli explores the world of Christian Iranians in a documentary she is producing.

Heard It From Her, produced by Emily Thompson, is a conversation with women in the media with a story to tell. Each month, we speak with a journalist from Radio Free Europe/Radio Liberty (RFE/RL) or other independent media in our broadcast region to talk about her reporting, the issues she confronts, and the political, societal and cultural context in which she works.

In this episode, we spoke with Iranian journalist Azadeh Tavakoli, who is making a documentary film about the treatment of Christians and other religious minorities in Iran.

It’s uncertain just how many Christians live in Iran, and those who have converted from Islam worship in secret to avoid arrest, beatings, or worse.

RFE/RL’s Radio Farda journalist Azadeh Tavakoli explores this secretive world in a documentary she is producing about the history of Christians in her country and the treatment of Christians and other religious minorities in contemporary Iran. She hopes the film will foster tolerance toward beleaguered minority communities, as well as provide hope to those practicing their faith in fear.

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