Fair Observer Monthly: December 2021





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In this edition, we focus on Russia’s Vladimir Putin. We also have articles on Iran, Saudi Arabia and Yemen.

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After Afghanistan’s Fall to the Taliban, Will Kashmir Be Next? — Rakesh Kaul 

Finding the Source of Australian National Strength in the China Context — Philip Eliason 

Afghans Turn to Crypto Amid Crisis — Kiara Taylor

How Date Farming Helps Yemenis on Soqotra Fernando Carvajal

Iran’s Ethnic Minorities Face Double Discrimination — Rahim Hamid

Our Green Future: Is It All About the Money? — Oliver Matikainen

Can Self-Help Diplomacy Lower Political Heat in the Middle East? — Gary Grappo

Bosnia and Herzegovina’s Complicated Puzzle — Davor Džalto

Amid the Pandemic, Eating Disorders Are on the Rise — Jennifer Wider

Making Sense of Vladimir Putin’s Long Game — Atul Singh & Glenn Carle


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