Education & Training

Fair Observer runs education and training programs for students, young professionals and business executives around the world on subjects like journalism, geopolitics, the global economy, diversity and more.

We have over 1,900 contributors from over 70 countries, many of whom were trained by us. Therefore, we have acquired deep expertise in training students, scholars, journalists, writers and professionals from around the world. We have trained them both online and in person.

We also have much experience in educating and training students on subjects ranging as widely as “Understanding Sustainable Development” to “Context in Journalism.” The 2016 Voices of the World Program is the largest initiative we have conducted in partnership with the United Nations Foundation. This was held across six countries—India, Morocco, Kenya, Austria, Mexico and the United States—and involved over 400 students.

We conduct programs, workshops and Socratic seminars around the world. We have existing options to choose from, and work with organizations to tailor education and/or training according to their needs. Please click here to get in touch if you are interested in working with us.