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Vikram Zutshi is senior editor at Fair Observer. He is a cultural critic, author and filmmaker who divides his time between the US, Latin America and Asia. For a decade, Vikram worked in indie film and network television, as a consultant to tech start-ups, as a real estate developer, and in media sales and acquisitions. Then, he produced feature films before transitioning into directing. His documentary, Max Kennedy and the American Dream, premiered at international film festivals to rave reviews, and is currently streaming on Apple TV and Amazon Prime. Vikram writes for several American and Asian publications and is launching his first nonfiction book, Contemporary Encounters with God: Conversations with Sages, Scholars and Mystics.

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Even at 100, Henry Kissinger's Legacy Is Frightening

Henry Kissinger's foreign policy neglected human rights, supported repressive regimes, and prolonged the Cold War. In 1971, Kissinger supported Pakistan’s policy of genocide and mass rape in Bangladesh, and opposed India’s intervention to liberate this nation. Continue Reading

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Why House of Cards is More Relevant Than Ever

House of Cards is a political drama series that follows the cunning and manipulative congressman Frank Underwood as he schemes and climbs his way to power in Washington, DC. Through deceit, betrayal, and murder, he seeks to satisfy his insatiable thirst for political dominance and control. Continue Reading

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Get Rich or Die Tryin’: Rappers Pursuing the American Dream

The hip hop movement’s birth at the turn of the ‘80s shed light on the realities of the struggle in African-American ghettos. Over the decades, rappers have been flipping the bird to political correctness and prudes, and the most successful ones have embraced ostentatious materialism in their pursuit of the American Dream. Continue Reading

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The Truth About Joe Biden's Immigration Policy

US President Joe Biden’s policies at the southern border represent a political repudiation of initiatives that moderated the flow of undocumented migrants and have made the border unmanageable. These policies exacerbate the problems of a dysfunctional immigration system and engender disrespect for the rule of law. Continue Reading

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From Fiction to Reality: AI Telling It’s Story

In this interview, Fair Observer’s Vikram Zutshi interviews the creative director for sci-fi magazine Infinite Odyssey, Philippe Klein. They delve into the inner-workings of the Infinite Odyssey as well as some deeper, broader questions concerning the role of artificial intelligence (AI) in today’s world. Continue Reading

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Caste Is Now Weaponized Against Indian Americans

The Hindu American Foundation (HAF) has initiated legal action against California's Civil Rights Department, asserting it infringes upon Hindu Americans' constitutional rights to religious liberty, equal protection and due process. HAF argues that the state does not have the right to define Hindu doctrine and inaccurately claim that caste and caste discrimination are intrinsic to Hindu belief and... Continue Reading

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Launching Into the Lasting (Controversial) Legacy of Nehru

In this edition of The Interview, a historian of Indian politics and a prolific writer discuss the ideologies of Jawaharlal Nehru, the first prime minister of India. They speak about Nehru’s key ideas and his political challengers. They also outline how Nehru’s philosophies still influence Indian politics today. Continue Reading

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