Jasmin Koerber

Jasmin Koerber completed her studies in Communication and Politics at Ludwig Maximilian University Munich with a Bachelor's degree. Having worked as a managing editor at a Munich radio station for two years, she is currently pursuing a career in journalism. Her interests lie in US and European politics as well as in exploring the relationship between politics, society & art. Jasmin previously worked at Fair Observer as the Content Coordinator.

Wired: Tales of the Internet Connection

How the web has been changing our habits and producing new paradigms regarding social interactions Background An episode of the brilliant British TV show “The IT Crowd” suggests that there are endless mysteries surrounding the Internet – eerie, uncanny “corners” yet to be discovered. In a sense, this is not far from the truth, for although the Internet is not... Continue Reading

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Yes, They Can: Volunteers of the 2012 US Election Campaign

Why volunteers have made the difference between victory and defeat for the Obama campaign. Background It was perhaps only the second time that the world saw Barack Obama crying. Here was a man known for his emotional detachment being overcome by strong emotion, a man who had coolly observed the raid on Osama bin Laden wiping away tears of affection for his young campaign workers to whom he... Continue Reading

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