Farooq Yousaf

Farooq is a research analyst, programme consultant and editor at the Centre for Research and Security Studies, Islamabad. He belongs to the militancy-hit KP-FATA region of Pakistan. Having completed his graduation in Business Studies and Marketing, Farooq is presently pursuing his Masters in Public Policy from Germany, with concentration in Conflict Studies. His areas of interest are Central Asia and Middle East, where as he writes for various news sources on different impeding international issues in the aforementioned areas coupled with the Af-Pak region. Along with writing, his second love is social media promotion for non-profit sector and devising new methods to promote news, reviews and social sector updates on the social media.

The Drone Outrage

Aug 31, 2012

With a complex constellation of different militant outfits and treacherous terrains in Waziristan, it would be hard to plan a full throttle offensive in the region. Yet the need for such an offensive seems inevitable as the policy makers in Pakistan are not only facing wide scale public uproar but...