When Will Boris Johnson Be Committed?

Jan 22, 2021

The UK has finally cast off all its shackles and is ready to assert its freedom under the creative leadership of Boris Johnson, the man who made Brexit happen. Things are a little complicated for the moment, but once COVID-19 can be tamed, British creativity will find its cruising speed. Brexit...

Angela Merkel: A Retrospective

Jan 21, 2021

Americans like to rate their presidents. In fact, presidential rankings have become something of a cottage industry in political science, ever since the eminent Harvard historian Arthur Schlesinger Sr. started the tradition in the late 1940s. In Germany, we don’t do that, at least not in a...

2021 Is the Year to Make Peace With Our Planet

Jan 12, 2021

It's time we all make peace with our planet — you and me, parents, professionals, leaders and the upcoming generation. All of us have to make 2021 the Year of Peace. Here's why: We’re at war with our planet. Even if we declare a truce today and start to live more sustainably, it will take...

What Should Business Expect From Bolivia’s New President?

Dec 21, 2020

On October 18, the Bolivian public went to the polls and elected Luis Arce Catacora as the country’s 67th president in a surprise result that returned the socialist party of former President Evo Morales to power. Morales had previously ruled Bolivia as the leader of the Movement Toward...

What’s “Natural” on the Galapagos Islands?

In geologic years, the Galapagos Islands are infants. Located on the perpetually moving Nazca tectonic plate, the islands were formed through repeated volcanic activity. Layer by layer, the islands have risen off the ocean floor, forming a chain that is approximately 5 million years old.

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