Tunisia and the Gulf

September 16, 2021

A decade after the Jasmine Revolution, an autogolpe in Tunisia put the North African country back in the international spotlight. Annelle Sheline, an adviser at Gulf State Analytics, discusses the influence of Gulf states in Tunisia.

Tony Blair’s Stand-Up Number

September 09, 2021

Is there any reason to pay attention to what Tony Blair, the British prime minister between 1997 and 2007, has to say after the Afghan debacle? The former member of the comedy duo, composed of George W. Bush (the inarticulate gaffer) and Blair (the sanctimonious moralizer), that performed...

Will the Taliban End Up Under the Influence?

September 06, 2021

Yahoo News Senior Editor Mike Bebernes asks the big question on everyone’s mind after the American debacle in Afghanistan: “Does the U.S. have any real leverage over the Taliban?” After summarizing the immediate political background of the topic, he compares the speculative answers of a...

For Saudi Arabia, Iran Looms, Israel Beckons and the Taliban Cause Goosebumps

August 26, 2021

Prince Khalid bin Salman may not have planned it that way, but the timing of his trip to Moscow last week and message to Washington resounded loud and clear. By not postponing the visit, the Saudi deputy defense minister signaled that he was trying to hedge his kingdom’s bets by signing a...

In China, Cuba and Ohio, Reform and Inertia Go to Battle

August 12, 2021

In August, the Daily Devil’s Dictionary appears in a single weekly edition containing multiple items taken from a variety of contexts. This week, before glancing at political division in the US, we look at what is shaping up to be a game-changing development in China. Bloomberg’s reporters...

How Dubai and Abu Dhabi See the World Cup

July 15, 2021

With the Euros over, attention outside the UK is turning to the 2022 FIFA World Cup in Qatar. The focus in Britain, quite rightly, remains on the racist abuse directed at black members of the English football team and the extent to which the prime minister and the home secretary contribute to...

Haiti’s Whodunnit Raises Serious Historical Questions

July 12, 2021

Not since the former slave Toussaint L’Ouverture successfully revolted against the island’s colonial masters has Haiti’s politics inspired anyone’s admiration. Toussaint’s quixotic adventure predictably ended badly for himself and perhaps even worse for his nation, whose political...

So Far, Biden’s Foreign Policy Is Proving Too Conventional

July 02, 2021

On the domestic front, Joe Biden is flirting with transformational policies around energy, environment, and infrastructure. It’s not a revolution, but it’s considerably less timid than what Barack Obama offered in that pre-Trump, pre-pandemic era. When it comes to foreign policy, however,...

Squandered Resolve Puts Transformation at Risk in America

June 30, 2021

Now that the internationalists and their kindred neoconservatives have had their moment in the sun and reestablished America’s “greatness” on the world stage, it is time to get back to the domestic challenge of trying to bring the reality of America into closer proximity to President Joe...

Chile Has an Opportunity to Write a New Chapter

Chile is going through political change. In May, Chileans voted to elect an assembly that will write a new constitution. Those elected to redraw the country’s magna carta feature a large contingent of independents. Left-wing parties are most favorably positioned among institutional actors, but...

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