Kushner Alone Knows What’s Best for the Middle East

Feb 10, 2020

As the entire world knows, Jared Kushner has been working very hard over the past two and a half years at crafting a deal with so much cash in it ($50 billion) that no reasonable Palestinian could refuse. To his deepest consternation, when he finally revealed its contents to the public at...

Salvini May Have Lost Emilia Romagna, But the League Is Still on the Rise

Jan 30, 2020

The regional election held in Emilia Romagna on January 26 was not simply a local affair. The election saw the incumbent governor, Stefano Bonaccini, of the center-left coalition’s Democratic Party (PD), take 51,4% of the vote — a win that will have far-reaching consequences in Italy and...

The UK Election: What About Foreign Policy?

Dec 09, 2019

In the frenzy and fury of yet another UK election that whirls and swirls around Brexit, our politicians are dancing in a conga line of counter-accusations, misinformation and outright lies. Savvy political pundits and sage pollsters assess and debate the direction of travel of the conga line. And...

Iran’s Destabilizing Agenda in North Africa

Sep 18, 2019

The Islamic Republic of Iran’s foreign policy is largely based on its revolutionary anti-Western rhetoric and hostility toward the US and some of Washington’s close allies in the Middle East. Since 1979, Tehran has relied on local proxies in the region, such as Lebanese Hezbollah, as well as a...

The Threat of ISIS in Tunisia

Sep 11, 2019

Since 2011, Tunisia has been widely recognized as the Arab Spring’s only success story. But the North African state's political transition faces grave threats.

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