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Laura Cesaretti

Laura Cesaretti is an Italian freelance journalist based in Afghanistan. She has previously worked in Turkey and Lebanon, covering the Syrian humanitarian crisis. She holds an MA in International ...

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First Co-Working Space Opens in Afghanistan

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A Omer Koker

A. Omer Koker is a telecoms and technology consultant with international experience. He is the co-founder of TurkishForum (1994), the largest Internet based Turkish NGO. Interest areas include ...

Latest articles by A Omer Koker

Is Turkey Turning East

Aakruti Jagmohan

Aakruti Jagmohan is a recent multimedia journalism graduate from Emerson College in Boston, MA. She is currently interning at Arlington Public News...

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World in 60: Stabbing in ...

Aaron Prosser

Aaron Prosser completed his Honors Bachelor of Arts at the University of Toronto (summa cum laude) in cognitive science, and is currently completing his Master of Science in Neuro-Cognitive Psychology...

Latest articles by Aaron Prosser

Meditation, Yoga, and the West

Aaron Sebag

Aaron Sebag is a graduate of the American University’s School of International Service. He received his MA in US Foreign Policy and has worked closely on issues affecting US-Turkish relations and US...

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The Inconsequentially ...

Aarya Nijat

Aarya Nijat is a Founding Partner and Chief Operating Officer of Beikraan Inc. In her role as Acting-Policy Director with the Government of Afghanistan, she extensively contributed to the development ...

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Yes, the Afghanistan Election ...

Abbas Farasoo

Abbas Farasoo has worked for more than six years in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Afghanistan. He was the deputy general director of the Regional Cooperation Division from 2013-14, and he was ...

Latest articles by Abbas Farasoo

Jihadists Threaten the Nation ...

Abdirizak Hassan

Abdirizak Hassan is a political and security analyst, who focuses on the Horn of Africa and the Middle East. He was the Chief of Staff and Senior Advisor in Policymaking and International Relations ...

Latest articles by Abdirizak Hassan

Al-Shabab: A Revenue Rebirth
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