John Bruton

    John Bruton

    Former Irish Prime Minister

    John Bruton is the former Irish Prime Minister and an international business leader. He has held a number of posts in Irish government, including Minister for Finance; Minister for Industry and Energy....


    Chitra Subramaniam

    Chitra Subramaniam is a journalist by training. She has worked in public health (World Health Organisation), managed a company in Switzerland and is currently Editor-in-Chief of The News Minute in Ind....

    United States

    Donald Marron

    Former Member of the US President’s Council of Economic Advisers

    Donald Marron is the Director of Economic Policy Initiatives, Institute Fellow, Urban Institute; and Director Emeritus of the Tax Policy Center. He previously served as a member of the President’s C....

    United States

    Dirk Lueth

    Serial Entrepreneur

    Dirk Lueth is a serial entrepreneur, a pioneer in digital media and the author of an Amazon bestseller. Born and raised in Germany, he has started three companies in Germany and two in the United Stat....

    United States

    Sanjay Sarma

    Professor of Mechanical Engineering at MIT

    Sanjay Sarma is Professor of Mechanical Engineering at MIT. He co-founded the Auto-ID Center at MIT and developed many of the key technologies behind the EPC suite of RFID standards now used worldwide....

    United States

    Stephen Sammut

    Entrepreneur, Academic and Venture Capitalist

    Stephen Sammut is an entrepreneur, academic and venture capitalist, who has been involved in the creation or funding of nearly 40 biotechnology, Internet and information technology companies globally.....